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CSE Formula

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering organizes a toy car race each year for the new comers. The first year entrants to the department are grouped and given the task of creating a remote controlled (not RF controlled actually, hmm I wonder why it is ?) toy vehicle which is to be powered by a 12V DC power source. Eventual grading (not GPA) includes a test run of each vehicle on a track made with few obstacles.

This event is really cool. Bad thing I miss this chance since this event with the batch junior to us. Anyway I'm really interested in such events because I personally believe that students should have some skills to build things rather to design them in papers. Yet it is little bit pathetic to see the construction of vehicles of some groups. One student has tried to give the power of the motor directly to the wheel. I wonder why such situations arise because even they know that it is not the case in any toy. They need to use gear wheels. I hope things would get corrected with time as students begin to like the event.

Good work CSE :)


  1. Im a new commer to the cse deptmnt and willing to participate in this but have no clue what so ever ...:)
    sounds interesting though.

  2. It should be done in your June term I guess. Anyway the event was not there when we were in first year, it started since our junior batch.

    Be alert and you will get to know about it ;) Anyway it's very nice to find an interested person.

    If you need any help on designing/building a vehicle, I'll be happy to support. Just drop a reply to this post if necessary.