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3G Experience with Mobitel M3: Huawei E 160

After relocating ourselves back to the village, I missed the luxury of Sri Lanka Telecom's (SLT) ADSL broadband connection. CDMA was the saviour till yesterday. Suntel, thogh charge a little bit than other providers, gave a fairly good connection (note: fairly good is w.r.t. the available connection speeds in Sri Lanka). 

Anyway, the need for a high speed connection grew pretty quickly. I tried Dialog, but it seems they do not have the 3G coverage out here. Taking bit of a risk, I decided to purchase a Mobitel connection. Honestly, their customer service was great. The only thing I did not like is the vendor locking of the 3G modem. I mean, the modem is from Huawei, so why do they want it to be locked only for Mobitel SIMs?

Regardless, of the vendor locking the connection was satisfactory with 3.6Mbps. I had to purchase a separate antenna for better reception, yet it is worth the price.


  1. They are locking the modems as they are providing it for somewhat cheaper to the normal price.

  2. Hi... Is there any way to unlock the Huawei E 160 HSDPA modem ?

  3. Hi Guys, I am to using a M3 connection and was truly surprised of the speed and the coverage.

  4. You ve talked about an antenna to boost reception. I m looking for one. Pl infm where it can be purchased and the one you would recommend.

  5. Hi.
    Any recommendation for an antenna to improve stability and signal and where to buy etc. Thanks would be a great help.