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C plug-in for Eclipse - CDT

Ever thought of using an IDE in Linux to type C? For pure C guys this is not a problem because they have the nice little VI or VIM. Yea it's very true that you can do a great lot of things with VI. The only problem for me was that I used to do a lot with Java using Eclipse. So suddenly when I wanted to use C for one of my assignments I found it very difficult to adapt with it.

Little bit of googling came up with this wonderful tool, CDT. It's a plug-in for Eclipse and you can do a great lot of things with C with rich IDE features. Try this tutorial to learn about the plug-in.


  1. you are the second person who seems to be promote eclipse(to me). yeah CDT is good tool but i prefer tc. cuz its simple and amazing. Yet it lags code completing feature.

  2. Yea, you are correct because running C on Java is kinda weird. But for simple quickies I like to do that because of the easiness with Eclipse :)

  3. Actually, CDT is efficient as well. The Eclipse comes into play only as a rich editor. So no performance is sacrificed.