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Ubuntu 7.10 on DELL E1505 Notebook

I installed Ubuntu (Gusty Gibbon) on my Dell notebook and I felt the beauty of it from the very beginning.

The two most interesting features I see:
1. Read/Write facility to NTFS (Windows) partitions
2. Easy configuration of restricted drivers (no need to worry about setting up your ATI video card :)


  1. hi did you get the wireless card working? did it work with 8.04? i can't seem to get it started - the wireless driver was bad in ubuntu 5 and i'm hoping it got fixed...

  2. I was able to setup my Intel Pro Wireless card in Ubuntu 6.10, 7.10, and 8.04. I could only check the Dell wireless with Ubuntu 8.04 and it works. I had to install couple of restricted drivers (bad thing I can't get the names at the moment, but Googling will basically do for you).