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ATI x1300 with Ubuntu Gusty (7.10)

Ah! I had to give another fight to get my x1300 ATI card working properly with Ubuntu Gusty. The restricted driver that comes by default would correct the wide screen problem but video quality is changed. You will find lot of illuminant people while watching a film in totem.

So here goes the answer

Good luck and have fun :)


  1. Hi saliya ayya, i am an undergraduate of CSE and currently in level 3. I am also having my training at wso2.
    My laptop also had x1300 VGA and it worked fine with the linux driver provided by ATI in Kubuntu 7.10 . It is just a matter of running a bin file.


  2. Yea the provided restricted driver works fine for fixing the wide screen issue. But try to see a movie in totem or some other player. The colors were too weird. Btw, is this .bin file is given by ATI guys?

  3. linux driver provided by ATI, can be found at