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Hard Times


I broke my spectacles and got a new pair from George Gooneratne Optometrists. Guess what? They have taken wrong measurements and I had to visit them again to replace the glasses with correct measurements. After spending about two hours at their lab I finally got my sparkling shiny spectacles. 


The day after I was playing basket ball at WSO2 when I got hit by the ball right on my face at a most unexpected time. I was actually catching my breath and I look up only to see something crashing on to me. The shiny new spectacles were broken into pieces and my nose got wounded. The wounds were not that serious and I was lucky not to bleed internally. I found the broken frame of my spectacles and thought, hey that's not too bad because I still have the frame to which I can get a pair of glasses fixed. I put all the pieces into my bag and came home. The next day I was getting ready to go and get new glasses fixed. I collected broken frame and believe me, one side arm was missing. What the hell? I told myself. I searched every possible place I could look into but came up with nothing. Hmm, that's life, I thought and went to optometrist and get a new spectacle fixed. 


The next day I was happy with my new spectacles and spent the day peacefully at WSO2. The entire day I was in a meeting and later in the evening I and the others were invited to dinner at an Indian restaurant. The food was okay, but it didn't sound right for me. The next morning I woke up to find that I am suffering from a very bad stomach ache. I spent the entire day at home unable to do anything. The medication came to effect only in the evening. Today is the second day of the very unpleasant "Digesting Error", and there is yet another day to go to end the week. I am expecting what next :)


  1. Its always good to anticipate not just glory but dismay.. When difficult times come its better to bend, than break :)
    For those times, too, shall eventually go away.. So keep up the good spirits!!

  2. Wow! I never thought this post could bring such an interest, in fact I was amazed to see how many has read it :)

    Anyway bottom line is "Never Say Die"