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Ubuntu: Resizing Partitions

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"No space left on device": Damn, how did this happen?, I told my self. I am pretty sure that I gave enough space for my home partition to carry on with Maven builds at WSO2. Out of curiosity, I issued df -h to see the partitions. Gee, I have accidentally assigned the larger partition to / (root) and smaller one for the home. The only solution is to resize the partitions. After a while, I remembered the great tool that comes with Ubuntu distribution, i.e. gparted.

I booted my machine using an Ubuntu CD and ran gparted. I was very much pleased with its graphical view and was done with my problem in just minutes. Initially my paritions were like,

|------------home----------|--------------/ (root)---------------------------------------------|

After resizing it looked like,

|----------------home----------------------------------------|----------------/ (root)---------|

I was pretty happy with this little tool since it saved me from one hell of a trouble.

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