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Great Feedback: MapReduce In Simple Terms

My presentation on MapReduce has received some great feedback via Pragmatic Integration. Isn't it really nice to see how somebody who you don't even know benefits from something you have?


  1. Hi Saliya,

    This is indeed a great presentation!
    I’m currently working on a Hadoop\MapReduce presentation for TheEdge 2010 Conference ( and I wondered if It’s ok to use some of your slides.

    Needless to say, I will reference you and SALSA group.

    I also posted this request at SlideShare and received no response, so I guess you don't check comments there on a regular basis :)
    Anyways, I would have sent you a private message but you've seemed to block that option.

    Thanks :)

  2. @Shay: I indeed replied to your comment on SlideShare the same day. It seems SlideShare is not reliable in that sense since when I check now I can't see the comment although it showed me a successful posting.

    Anyway, it's fine with to reference the presentation with proper citation.