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Weekend Carpentry: Monitor Stand


I’ve been wanting a monitor stand for sometime now as the Dell monitor that I am having doesn’t have an adjustable stand. Apparently, these stands cost around $30-40 and it didn’t seem worth the money.

So I ended up building one out of some old furniture parts I had. In the end it turned out to be better than I expected :). In fact comparable to what you can buy online

Here are some photos.

IMG_4733 IMG_4735

Finished product

It has enough space underneath to store my files

IMG_4743 IMG_4742

Top view

Bottom view

IMG_4740 IMG_4746

Just before I cleaned up the place


My old monitor stand; just a cardboard box from Amazon :)


  1. Good job.

    One question though. Doesn't it become un-ergonomic when the monitor is raised? Generally accepted rule is that the top edge of the screen should be at the same level as the eye level, so that you do not have to raise your neck at all. (sure you can look above without raising your neck, but it is unnatural.)

    One a side note,
    On the mobile site, I could only see the 3 photos on the left hand side. It must be a limitation of the blogger's mobile version. You might have to consider putting only one image per row.

  2. In fact, I raised it to be comfortable to the eye. This monitor has a very low nonadjustable stand. So keeping it on the table without a stand makes you intentionally look down, which is not comfortable.

    Thanks for the info, I've never checked with a mobile device.