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Apache TCP Monitor - How To?

If you are searching for a tool to monitor messages that are exchanged between a client and a server, then Apache TCPMon is one of the best easy-to-use utilities available at zero cost. You can download three different flavors of this utility, i.e. standalone, IntelliJIDEA plug-in, and Eclipse plug-in. To get an in depth knowledge on how to use this nice tool see my blog post at

The following blog posts too give an insight into this tool.


  1. Yes.. I have used it once.. Nice tool..

    And there is another tool, actually it is a plugin for Mozilla Firefox called livehttpheaders. If you just want to catch the packets and you really hate programming this would be the best solution. I have used only the Firefox plugin. There may be some other flavours also :)

    Ref :

  2. And there is one more tool. Membrane Monitor offers an XML beautifier and you can manipulate requests before sending.

  3. @thomas:
    yea, this looks good. Does it have a plug-in for IntelliJIDEA (bit lazy to google :))

  4. No. There is no intellij or Eclipse plugin yet. Maybe we provide one in the future.