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Setup Browser in Pidgin

After installing FF2 because I was fed up with FF3 I had to setup the default browser in Thunderbird (see my previous post). I was happy after that but today I found that I cannot open any links from Pidgin messenger as well. Argh! I was unhappy again :-/

Fixing this issue, however, was pretty much easy ;) Open Pidgin, go to Tools --> Preferences --> Network. Then you can find a button saying Configure Browser. You'll get a tool window where you can set the command you want to execute in order to open up the browser. In my case FF2 can be started by issuing firefox-2 %s

Just that. It works fine :)


  1. Thanks! I didn't realized about that option.

  2. Sad... it seems they removed this feature in on of the newer pidgin versions :(

  3. You can configure it under 'Browser' tab now.

  4. thanks a lot, google chrome was killing my nerves