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Pidgin: Unable to Connect to Yahoo

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Pidgin was giving trouble when connecting to my Yahoo account since recently. Today I got to know that it's because of this (

Then I wanted to install a latest version of pidgin on my Ubuntu 9.04. I tried the "how to" given in the official pidgin site (, but it was unsuccessful. Then I came across these debs ( which solved the issue.

Just a quick how-to:

1. Download the i386 (or amd 64) debs
2. Download the two DEB ALL debs
3. Use dpkg -i to install the debs. Start with libpurple-bin_2.6.3-1~getdeb1_all.deb.
Then libpurple0_2.6.3-1~getdeb1_i386.deb (or amd 64 one).
Now move ahead with pidgin-data_2.6.3-1~getdeb1_all.deb.
Next pidgin_2.6.3-1~getdeb1_i386.deb (or amd 64 one)

That's it! no more troubles with Yahoo ;)

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