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Windows7 and Ubuntu 9.10

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I just wiped out my Dell Insipiron E1505 notebook and installed Windows7 Professional and Ubuntu 9.10. I had enough of the Windows XP Media Center Edition. I thought of moving to Ubuntu 9.10 as well, just feel the fun.

Unlike in the previous experience with Windows, the Windows 7 performs really well. Regarding Ubuntu, it's better than 9.04 (I was happy with 9.04 as well). The only funny thing is that I had to find drivers and manually install my ATI Raedon X1300 VGA for Windows7. Earlier I used to do this for Ubuntu installations :)

For the moment, these two OSs seems to be a great combination if you are planning to get the best of both worlds.

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  1. Yes. You are correct. I'm also using the same combination. :-)