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IntelliJIDEA: A Feature I Like to See

Recently I was doing some tiresome debugging with Java using IntelliJIDEA. It was then that I thought that there is a great improvement we can do. This is totally my imagination, so I am not sure on any implementations in the Internet (yet).

The IDEA enables you to put debug points. These debug points may serve in creating a virtual path to traverse through the code. Thus, you are able to quickly jump to the next important point of code by just hitting F9. All this works really well for your debugging scenario. Now, what if you want to debug a different scenario, yet do not want to remove the older debug points? Then you have no option other than to add any new break points for the new scenario along with the older break points. This works okay, but makes the life bit hard since F9 will jump to points which are useless for the new scenario.

So what I suggest is to have a mechanism to define break points separately for each debugging scenario. So when you place a break point you can give it a scenario ID and inform the debugger to follow the break points for the relevant ID. It will be like layers that you find in Adobe Photoshop. You can on/off layers. Similarly we can deactivate a set of debug points based on their ID.

I wonder what JetBrains would think about this :)


  1. It seems that we will see a similar functionality in their next release.

    Kudos to IDEA team