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Unlock Toyota Corolla 141

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On the eve of the Sinahala New Year, I was with my parents in our village. All the members of my mother's family were there to enjoy the occassion. Everything went fine until I accidently locked the car while the key was inside. The situation got worse when we found out that the extra key was inside the car as well. 

After trying out things in "Gone in 60 Seconds" I realized that they were not going to work. One of my relatives, however, found the dust hole cap of the driver's seat and tried to push the carpet hoping to create an entrance into the car. Aha! luck strucked, the carpet elevated the trunk opener and trunk popped. We were, yet, no way near to any of the keys in the car. Then I thought I could slide my hand through the joint of the back seat to grab the extra key. Oh! boy it was hard. So left with no hope, we searched for other ways to get in. 

The elder son of my aunt, however, was able to slide his hand without getting stucked and finally was able to grab the extra key, which was on the back seat. So much fun for the New Year :)

So here are few tips to avoid yourself getting into this situation.

1. Keep the extra key at home
2. Check the key before locking the car
3. If your key has a tag number keep it written in your pocket (this number can be used to cut an extra key for your car from the dealer)

Now the bottom line is that things in your trunk are not safe since it can easily be popped ;)

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  1. Did this myself with the baby in the car. Since she was given strict instructions on other days to never touch the lock, she refused to do so on this day too!!
    Figured the easiest solution is to lock the car with the keys only.