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New Year Drink: Mango

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Just before the Sinhala New Year I got the chance to taste a raw mango with salt and pepper. If you have not tried this before then my advice is do it today itself. Yep, the taste is awesome :)

Anyway, while eating I wanted something to drink as well. Um, so why not try a mango drink, I felt. 

What you need:
1. A raw mango (gira amba, rata amba, pol amba) except for karthakolomban
2. A mug (yea, who wants to get satisfied with just a cup of water) of water
3. Two table spoons of sugar (depends on your likeness)
4. Salt (very little)

How to:
1. Clean and peel the mango
2. Slice the peeled mango into small sections
3. Put the mango pieces into a blender and add water
4. Blend the mixture till you get a nice light greenish color
5. Filter the final mixuture to a jug and add sugar and salt as you like
6. Add two ice cubes and drink it.

Enjoy the drink while you wait for the New Year !

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  1. You better start a new blog for "Fruit Drinks from Saliya" ;D